INTERNATIONAL TRADE EXHIBITION IRAN (Trade Iran) : New Opening, New Possibilities

INTERNATIONAL TRADE EXHIBITION IRAN (Trade Iran)  is an international trade event that aims to help companies export their products, develop new markets, and promote their industries by serving as a platform for trade and commerce in Iran. It will be a three-day event that caters to the trade audiences.

INTERNATIONAL TRADE EXHIBITION IRAN (Trade Iran)  aims to strengthen economical relations between Iran and other countries. It targets key sectors or industries which are identified as having the capacity and capability to produce high-quality products for export and are potential areas of investment.

an_overiewThe province of Khuzestan has a consumer-based population of 7 million, covering an area of 64,000 square kilometers. It is located adjacent to the southern Basra province of Iraq.
As it is a major oil-producing region, its main natural resource is oil and gas, producing 7 million tons of various petroleum products yearly. It is the first producer of various petroleum products, which is a huge attraction for inward investment. It has also contributed to the province being ranked high in purchasing power priority (PPP). Presently, Khuzestan yields 30 billion cubic meters of water and generates 7,000 megawatts of power.

Khuzestan has high development potential and is currently expanding economic cooperation and trade with other developing countries.

In 2013, it signed an economic cooperation agreement with Basra, Iraq. The agreement covers different sectors that include water and electricity, education, health and agriculture. It also has strong economic ties with Shandong province, China.

Its current trade partners are Germany, South Korea, Italy, Russia, India, Japan, Sweden, Brazil, Switzerland and the UAE.

trade_relationKhuzestan’s major industries include paper, cement, petrochemicals, light-engineering products, processed foods, livestock, and agricultural products. It produces about 12 million tons of agricultural produce annually, its main produce being sugar. It is a top rank producer contributing 15.4% to the country’s GDP. It is also the second domestic goods producer in the region.

The province boasts of extensive road networks, railways, three ports, and a free trade zone that provides opportunities for export and import activities.


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